1. Dear Lynn,
    I love reasing your blog and so many exciting news with Penny!!!
    And soon Lexie! And how is Nova feeling?
    In your new website, in «hunde», you dont mention Aila,
    is she ok?
    I hope you are enjoying the spring.
    We are and we are moving in the summer to Vietnam….!!!!
    So much to do… We miss you, love, xtine & co

    • Dear Christine! So nice to hear from you again!

      Wow, vietnam?! Sounds amazing! Hope that you, the dogs and the rest of the family will love it there, and that you wont miss Germany to much :) Maybe we come and visit you one day. How do you think B&B will like it?

      Everything is fine with us :) Aila is fine, but she dont live with us anymore. She did move for around one month ago, and we miss her everyday. But i know she have it amazing in her new home where she run with horses and are a «alone kid» and get all the atention :) Aila is terrible with kids, and thats the main reason why we did give her away. Sooner or later we will start a family, and i just cant trust her anywhere near a kid.

      I come to Germany in oktober, but i guess you are in your new home in vietnam then? But i say agian; You, the dogs and the family is more than welcome to visit us in cold cold norway whenever you want. We miss you all so much, and i woud love to see you and B&B again soon….

  2. Dear Lynn,

    Well we will see…. for sure Vietnam is the opposite in many ways to Germany!!
    We are going there only with Carl as our other sons are students in Netherlands and uK.
    Baccara will like it I think as she is quieter now and she doesn’t like the cold.
    Brandy… ??? Well there will be a pool for swimming and a garden for playing but no more Taunus ou long walks during the week…. He would maybe be happier to stay here… but Carl´s heart would be broken so we will try and do our best.
    We will bring him back every summer for some long walks in europe…. Germany is Hund paradise compared to Vietnam that is sure… what to do? How did you decide to give Aila ? When you say she is terrible, she is aggressive or wants to bite ? Yes if you have children, it is too dangerous to have a stressed dog. I agree !! And it is great you found the right family for her. It is not easy. I guess Penny and Lexie and Nova keep you very busy so time will help to heal Aila´s departure. And then if you study to be a vet secretary !! We are amazed by all the progress of your girls !! And you are amazing trainer too. How is Pascal ? We hope to see you in Vietnam or Norway and you all are welcome anytime !!
    Love Xtine and Co

    • Dear Christine

      A pool sounds amazing, both for brandy and you guys! Im sure he will like it, it will just maybe take som time to get used to :)

      To give Aila away was a hard desision, but i know it was the right one. She is not aggresive, but she is really really scared for kids, and when she is so scared it can turn in to aggressive. I just coud not trust her. She is also wild, and play really hard and did more than once hurt the small dogs. So i did think it was better that she come to a place where she coud grow old without kids or small dogs :)

      Pascal is fine. He love his job, and dont miss Germany at all :) We are really happy in Norway, but ofcourse its some small things we miss with Germany :)

  3. Yes I imagine how difficult it is to rehome Aila and also difficult to find a new home?
    Or not so difficult in Norway?
    I wonder if it is an Aussie thing or just Aila?
    Brandy is not scared of kids but clearly does not find them interesting ( or wants to herd them

    • It was really difficult! I got alot of mail from people who wanted Aila, but Aila have her problems, and i had to be sure that the new home coud train and live with her bad sides, so she dont haft to change home one more time. She live 6 houers away, so i dont get to see her so often, but i get updates once in a while, and she love her new life. Her new owner are a horse person and work in a stabel, and Aila are with her everyday and run with the horses. And she live on a farm with horses and other animals – and have a «little brother» who are a «labradoodel» and play as hard as her. So i know she love it where she is, and i hope she dont miss us to much, for we really miss her! But the safty of the cavaliers, and future kids had to come infront of her….Even if it hurts alot.

      Aussies is a skeptical breed, but they shoud not be scared, like Aila was.

    • Dear Linn,
      You found a dream home for Aila: a farm, horses & lots to do/ play.
      She misses you but is happy there.
      She had no pb with Nova?
      How do you explain she was so scared? Just Aila?
      Aussies are skeptical for sure & protective …
      Not an easy breed for sure.
      Brandy is overall great but we do work hard on welcoming visitors in the house &
      Relaxing when they are there! It is better now but he loves to bark

      • She have ben scared from the day we got her (probaly before to), and we have work hard on this, and we did come a long way! She can now be on places with alot of persons, and she calm fast down when she meet strangers. But she get scared when strangers look at her, or try to tutch her. She need some time to learn to trust new people. And with kids she is worser, on that point she is so scared that i think she coud bite to protect herself from the «danger».

        Aila was also scared for dogs when we did bring her home, but after alot of training she did learn to LOVE them. Maybe to much. She did absoluttly adore Nova, but she did hurt her with playing, and Nova did struggle with backproblems for over a year after this accident.

        Aila is a great dog, but she just did not fit in in our life. I know that i woud be scared 24/7 with Aila and a baby in the same room, and Aila woud have come behind the baby and the cavaliers – and she deserve to be number one. And i know she is the star in her new home <3

    • For some reason, my last comment was cut short… I meant Babies take so much time and attention that there is not much left for an Aussie :-))))) and you have to feel safe too !!!!
      So you are ready now with 3 lovely girls !! And so much training with them too,
      May I ask you an honest question ?
      Did you feel Brandy was in that sense different from Aila ? Could you see early on ?
      He seems from what you say much more relaxed even though he is not a Labrador :-)))))
      Take care dear Linn.

      • They sure do! :) And i know that Aila woud not like to be in the house with a baby + that i woud not feel safe, so im happy that i did find a new wonderful home for her.

        We did notise that Aila was scared for small tings the first houer we got her. Cars, things that did move, people, dogs, shadows, sounds, to be alone, to be with persons – she was scared for everything new, and did not like changes. We did manage to train on alot of this things, and she can now live a pretty normal life – but she was not a «healthy aussie». Brandy is in my eyes diffrent. But they are both crazy! :) And i guess thats why they did play so good together. I really miss B&B, wonderfull dogs to take care of!